There are people who do not like wearing what the ordinary guys have and they only wear what they want to wear. This may not be at all times, but if they are of a certain group or subculture, wearing of a particular kind of clothing can be done most of the time. Goth fetish clothing can be of more leather, apparel with fish nets and leather chokers and corsets, and worn by people who others may think as being kinky or living on the edge. However, these are also people with a particular style and beliefs of their own, and should not be discriminated. If you are wearing this kind of clothing, there is always a chance that you will be harmed by others, especially when you are alone. People into Goth fetish clothing may be seen by others as embracing a particular sexual preference, but this is also not always the case. People in this group will say that this is just their style, and for others to just leave them alone.

Because it is out of the ordinary, with them wearing what others say is not normal, doesn’t give the rights to others to harm them. They are not inviting others to touch them or discriminate them because of their appearance. Usually these people are adults but it is also not impossible that they will have young people in their group. These are the people highly exposed to getting harassed. For young people going into this subculture, they may just wear the high leather boots with some fishnets, and they may just get the lesser chances of being harassed or discriminated.

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People into Goth fetish clothing would like to wear more leather, wear high heeled leather boots, or wear fishnet clothing, but there is actually no definite clothing type of this culture. There can be no definite music type that is liked by all but there are also some types of music enjoyed by many of the people in this culture. They may enjoy wearing and looking fetish and most of them actually like this. They may go to Goth clubs and enjoy their time and music in the place, and it is actually also not advisable for people to be in this type of clothing and wander in the streets. They will invite the stares of people or even invite harm done by people who are discriminating. To these people, they may look kinky.

People into this type of clothing may just enjoy wearing this fetish theme but they also do not want to be harmed or harassed. It is just their style and they also cherish their independence of mind and capability to do what they want. Leather vests and clothing, corsets and chokers, high boots, and other leather materials with a glossy shine are parts of this Goth fetish theme.

Usually only the adults do this, but there are also the minors who like this type of cloth theme. For these people, wearing the knee high boots and fish net leggings will just do, and they may not invite the stare of people and also expose them to harm. With this clothing, they will look a bit edgy but not also overly kinky.

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Black is an overall great color. Some say wearing black clothes make you look slimmer and sexier. Others just love the aura it shows off when people wear them. This is why black is a definitive color of choice for Goths especially when it comes to clothing. Goth fetish clothing is a clothing style of choice that more and more people find visually pleasing and attractive.

Goth fetish clothing usually leans more on wearing leather and BDSM themed clothes. A person wearing such attire may not share the same sexual preference that others may think of. Some are probably just fond of the style itself. There is no denying that they look incredible intriguing and gorgeous especially because of their glossy shine and smooth feel. This makes it irresistible to touch. However, one should ask permission before engaging in such practice if one does not want to get in to any trouble in the future.

Leather corsets and chokers, big boots, and PVC, a type of latex leather that has a glossy shine are popular clothing of choice when talking about Goth fetish clothing. Fishnet is also a really common and easy-to-acquire part of a Goth’s wardrobe which makes the entire outfit complete.

As mentioned earlier, not all people wearing Goth fetish clothing have BDSM tendencies. Some are just curious or adventurous and want to try new style and clothing. Before one judges their outward appearance, talking to them in general can help close the gap and help know them more.

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goth 1

Fashion and style has always been a part of most every person.  Whether one’s preference come as tasteful as the other, it matters little because it is what defines “individuality”.  This is just as true with Goth fetish clothing which you may find in many individuals these days.

Goth typically describes those with fetish for clothing in black.  Being donned in goth fetish clothing is being donned in outfits that is a crossover of Goth and the Fetish scenes.  You are most likely to see suspenders, collars, PVC and bondage straps.  Why it never fades away may be attributed to the fact that it has been reinvented out of the fusion of two styles.  Not to say that it is without misinterpretations of someone linked to having adulterated fetish but the truth is, not everyone in goth fetish clothing actually comes with sexual advertisement.  Rather, this is what Goths of today declare to be their way of expressing liberation.   

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oth fetish clothing may be worn by people in a particular culture that is only their own. These are the people who like wearing more leather in their attire, wear high boots or fish net clothing, and also other things that no other people would like to wear. This can also be associated with some kinky bands wearing this fetish attire. However, these are also people that should not be discriminated upon because it is just their style. They may just want to wear this clothing type to give them the personality to be in this particular subculture, for whatever it is, and only their own. It may be related to sexuality, as some of them may have this inclination, but not for all people also. It is just solely their style that they enjoy.

Leather corsets and chokers, including wearing of knee high leather boots, and other leather types that are usually shiny, are the distinguishing attires of these people in the subculture. Some of them are with leashes with partners to lead them. This may look kinky to others but this is their style. This is what distinguishes people in this subculture, those who look kinky and also seem living on the edge. Most of them are adults but there may also be some who are still in their teens.

This may be unavoidable because these teens may also be the influenced ones. What can be ideal for them is to wear the high leather boots and some fish net and they can already be included in this subculture while also not being discriminated.

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When we talk about the gothic fashion and style it refers to the era of the post punk music and the diversified type that followed after that. It is said that this type of fashion comes from a historical perspective that has been enhanced with modern-day imaginations. That is why it is said that this type of fashion is retro futuristic and it is also anachronistic and it gives off a look that is much like a fairy tale. The gothic laced up pants bring us back to time when zippers were not yet invented and pants were tied up with buttons and stays. Gothic boots also are a strong entity in fashion.  They are often known as demonia boots. The good thing about this pair of boots is that it is very much in line with the anachronistic retro futuristic style of gothic and it comes with a variety of styles and designs.

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Hairless skin, Boy in Briefs

Hairless skin, Boy in Briefs—MrGrau 2010 (Flickr.com)

Fetish for the hairless or Acomoclitic. Some fetishists like them hairy, naturally or by way of “furry” costumes. Likewise, some fetishists go for the hairless or the acomoclitic. Hairlessness symbolizes many things in the fetish world: the PVC sex-doll like look and feel of hair-free skin, and even a dom/me-sub act of someone removing the hair of someone else, whether by shaving, waxing, or epilating their anatomy (especially the genital area) during a BDSM session. This recalls a very Samson and Delilah situation, where one succumbs power by way of giving up their hair to the other.

Lactation fetish or Lactophilia. If you’re a breastfeeding mom minding your own business who suddenly spies a crazed-looking pervy type peeking out you from around the corner or staring unabashedly at you while you nurse, there’s a big chance you’re dealing with a Lactophile. These are people who get aroused with the sight of a breastfeeding woman, or even those who are just lactating without the presence of an infant attached to the breast. Many fetish sites focusing on Lactophilia show women pumping breast milk into bottles or using a breast pump, and these are often enough to satisfy those who consider it a fetish (or make them crave for more, as the case may be). All of this fetish talk is making me seek out the health side of fetishism.

Fetish for fury, or Doraphilia. At the opposing spectrum of Acomoclitic fetish is Doraphilia. This typically describes the fetishism for animal fur or leather. Many fetish clothing incorporate animal hide or pelt because the wearer usually feels as if doing so allows them to absorb the power and essence of the animal that used to wear the same coat. As well, the luxurious feel and somewhat musky smell of real animal leather or fur adds an erotic layer to any BDSM session. 

Sexual obsession with black silk underwear, or Melcryptovestimentaphilia. Phew. Quite a long name for, wait for it…a fetish for black silk panties. We’ve already discussed one kind of panty fetish (the soiled, sold-via-vending-machine kind) in the previous post. But Melcryptovestimentaphilia places special emphasis on satin or silk black lingerie because of how it looks and feels (the scent may be an entirely different fetish, altogether). This fetish, though it may sound highly specialized, has actually existed ever since people learned how to wear underwear. The different fabrics and colors eventually led to a preference and an erotic fixation, in turn.

Feather fetish, or Pterophilia. If you’ve ever wandered into a fetishist’s “lair”, chances are you’ll find ostrich, goose, peacock, and all sorts of feathers on display. Well, they’re not really just for display purposes, as they serve the very erotic purpose of tickling people until they spontaneously combust into fits of lust or laughter (or just about anything in-between). Feathers on showgirl costumes and headdresses also inadvertently address this fetish. Perhaps the plumage-like covering under a skintight leotard or alaskin unitard drives the audience wild, wondering what it will be like to pluck this delicious-looking and colorful bird on stage. Showgirls tend to all pop vitamin pills most notably cosmetic altercations that enhance and whiten the smile.

smokers delight

smokers delight—jot punkt (Flickr.com)

Fetishism is about eroticizing something not normally associated with sex. While many struggle to comprehend why someone would have a sexual obsession over feet, silk clothes, or underwear, these fetishes have gotten more or less accepted as things that do happen.

Today, we will take a look at the more bizarre fetishes that even “mainstream” fetishists themselves are surprised to discover actually exist.

Smoking fetish or Capnolagnia. Smoking per se is not considered a fetish, but it is when it becomes part of a campaign to portray cigarette-smoking as a post-coital activity. Many movies employ a mild version of Capnolagnia by making their leading ladies smoke a cigarette in an erotic manner.

A darker and more extreme version of Capnolagnia is evident in BDSM sessions, where the sub becomes an ash tray, swallowing the ash, enduring smoke being blown their way by the dom/me, and even having the cigarette stubbed out on their flesh.

Mannequin fetish or Agalmatophilism.


Mannequins—Manuel W (Flickr.com)

Mannequins, whether they are the plaster department store kind or real people pretending to be immobile dressmakers’ dummies, are now the objects of a unique kind of fetish called Agamatophilism. Mannequin fetishism usually centers around the idea of a non-moving and helpless form which one can undress, dress up, and do all sorts of kinky scenarios with.

Furniture fetish or Forniphilia. This fetish is not about interior decor fans who go slightly loony at the sight of a Philip Starcke chair or a display of new stocks at IKEA. Forniphilia is all about turning a slave or a sub into a piece of furniture: a chair, table, hat or coat rack, etc. This fetish often requires hours of being immobile, so it’s potentially hazardous to the limbs and joints. I don’t know about you but Furniture fetish always gives me headaches especially when people gas on about the virtues of the art.

Fetish for big people, or Macrophilia. Stories of people becoming giants like in Gulliver’s Travels are perhaps one of the take-off points of Macrophilia play. Subs in these sessions are typically “trampled” on by towering dom/mes. Even not-so-tall dom/mes can wear heels to denote height.

Used underwear fetish or Mysophilia. We already mentioned how underwear have become “mainstream” objects of fetishists…but soiled underwear? Mysophilia has been evident in Japan for quite some time now. They even having vending machines dispensing worn schoolgirl underwear for those who want to buy a pair any time of the day, for what ever reason.

Baby talk fetish, or Infantilism. While one might argue that baby talk is part and parcel of any intimate relationship, Infantilism goes beyond this and well into the realm of bizarre adult behavior (at least by most people’s standards). Those indulging in this fetish are likely to wear diapers, have pacifiers in their mouths, crying, wailing, drinking milk from a bottle, and generally act like big babies. This is not to be confused in any way with pedophilia, though. It focuses more on the sexualization of infant-related paraphernalia.

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Fetish boots

Fetish boots—Markusram (Flickr.com)

A is for Animal Play: When a fetish includes a sub (submissive player) taking on the role of an animal, usually a pet, like a dog, horse, cow, etc.

B is for Bondage: When restraint becomes part of the fetish play, usually involving ropes, cuffs, ball-gags, and other things that fetter and bind.

C is for Consent: An important aspect of a BDSM (Bondage/Discipline, Sadism/Masochism) relationship because it signifies mutual agreement.

D is for Dominatrix: The woman who controls the BDSM scene and usually wears recognizable fetish gear and carries domme paraphernalia to underline her role.

E is for Erotic Spanking: Spanking but not as discipline or punishment, but to sexually arouse both parties involved.

F is for Fetishism: Of course. It is a sort of “specialized” obsession with an object or experience (sometimes to the point of worship).

G is for Genitorture: In a “nutshell” (pun unabashedly intended), is torture of the genitals.

H is for Harem: When a dom (dominant) has more than one sub (submissive), the group is referred to as a harem.

I is for Impact Play: When the scene involves whips, paddles, and things to flog body parts with.

J is for John Willie: A famous British fetish photographer and bondage artist who looks up to Jorge Luis Borges for inspiration.

K is for Knife Play: When knives and pointed objects are introduced into a BDSM session but without cutting the skin or drawing blood.

L is for Leather and Latex: Important components of fetish-wear, adhering to every curve of the body and becoming focal points for specific fetishes themselves.

M is for Masochism: When someone becomes the willing recipient of pain and humiliation because they find pleasure from it.

N is for Nyoitamori: A Japanese term which fetishism and BDSM have picked up because it also involves submission and food fetishism. It is when somebody acts as a living sushi platter and buffet.

O is for Over-the-Knee: A more descriptive way to describe spanking.

P is for Ponygirl/Ponyboy: A specific example of Animal Play where one of the participants has to dress up like a pony, usually in restrictive leather, latex, or PVC complete with a mouth bit and a butt plug with a horse-like tail. They have to walk around in all fours or prance around as their “owner” orders them to.

Q is for Queer Fashion: Or what the unenlightened call those who indulge in gender-related clothing because it turns people on.

R is for RACK: Which stands for Risk Aware Consensual Kink.

S is for Safe Word: The code word or phrase you and a BDSM partner agree on to say when you want an activity to stop.

T is for Tight-lacing: An important facet of fetish clothing especially in corsets. Tight-lacing can be either seen as punishment and restriction, or as something to derive pleasure from.

U is for Uniforms: French maid, Playboy bunny, schoolgirl, teacher, nurse, or what have you, uniforms play a large part in fetish clothing and play.

V is for “Vanilla”: A derogatory term for those who don’t “get” or are averse to fetishism and BDSM in general.

W is for Wax Play: Hot wax is dripped on the submissive for an erotic mix of pain and pleasure.

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Image courtesy of the artist

Many people regard fetish art in the same way they regard fetish in general: a subculture, and catering only to a very select clientele. However, in recent times, more and more visual and performance artists are dealing with bondage and fetishism as their subject matter. As pictured above, even references to popular culture such as comics, cartoons, and other commonplace things are given a fetish twist (pun intended) and depicted with ropes, rivets, hooks, ball-gags, chains, whips, and other paraphernalia commonly associated with the BDSM lifestyle. Without a proper safe word these devices can really damage ones body and specifically the chest cavity where pain is acute and deep.

What is the purpose, you might ask?

Nobody has a clear answer, except that it can either intrigue or repel people (you may notice the tone of earlier posts in this blog, which obviously reflects the latter). The funny thing is that bondage has been dealt with in earlier forms of art. Take the case of the famous painting by Rembrandt, of Andromeda chained to the rocks awaiting Perseus’ rescue, based on the Greek mythology. Sculpture, dance, and performance art also reflected this in earlier times.

Andromeda chained, Andromeda and the Sea Monster

Andromeda chained, Andromeda and the Sea Monster—2sirius (Flickr.com)

Even in religion, bondage is depicted, though not in the way many perceive it the way it is today. Getting chained, fettered, whipped, slapped around, and pierced with sharp objects were oftentimes for humiliation and punishment, witnessed by many people. Medieval times also reflected this as choice of punishment for many crimes.

That both bondage and fetishism, and Medieval depictions of punishment, share many similarities in visual art forms is very interesting. We cannot fully argue that bondage is a private act, because there are many public humiliation sites and references sprouting up nowadays, with fetishists making willing spectacles of themselves in very public places like parks, restaurants, and even public utility vehicles.

And yet, the main difference between fetish art and religious art is the presence of consent. Fetishism is all about consent and choice. Inflicting and receiving pain is borne out of consent from the participants; punishment in the religious and Medieval sense does not. In BDSM speak, in fact, “punishment” is a term that has come to mean entirely something new: the punishment is inflicted, yet at the same time it is welcome. This idea of punishment can go to extremes that might pose risks that are unforseen. For example, I heard of a man that was admitted into the hospital for fluid buildup on the knee, all due to very long stretches of kneeling before his BDSM “Master”. I’m not sure if there was a safe password used in this cirsumstance, it might have proved to be valuable considering the doctor bills!

In underlining this difference, perhaps fetish art does exist to make people look at bondage differently from what they have witnessed of it in earlier forms of art.



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If you are becoming interested in the goth-fetish lifestyle, you have to know the basics first. Goth-fetishists are best known for their appearance, which of course has a lot to do with the clothes they wear and the accessories they carry. Just like any other subculture, goth-fetishism has a few recognizable staples which can immediately identify one as someone who subscribes to that lifestyle. So, here are the three most recognizable must-haves a goth-fetishist should own:

1. Belts, buckles, bracelets.

171 Studded belt

171 Studded belt—MrB-MMX (Flickr.com)

Though some might argue that these first three “B” items are also associated with the punk culture, goth-fetishism values a lot of studs, spikes, and the kind of metallic accessories many hardware stores would kill to stock up on. Belts and bracelets are made of leather or PVC, and studded with buckle and rivets.


2. Black or blood-red nail polish.

Black nail polish,

Black nail polish, —Alex Campos (Flickr.com)

Again, black and other dark-colored nail polish do not fall entirely within the jurisdiction of the goth-fetish culture (so many celebs and supermodels now wear them to go with designer clothing), they are still considered goth and fetish staples. Both male and female goths are known to apply black nail polish and allow them to chip naturally to denote a lifestyle dedicated to strumming the guitar or harp, scratching other people’s skin, and generally doing all sorts of dark, brooding, sometimes kinky stuff with their nails.

3. Corsets.

Thunder Skulls Corset S5031518

Thunder Skulls Corset S5031518—Sew Ripped (Flickr.com)


Goth-fetishists are REQUIRED to have at least one corset, preferably with lace, in their closet. Corsets can be worn under or over the clothes. It doesn’t matter as long as it shows off a tiny waist (or a semblance of it), a bosom, and a butt that flares out, suggesting an hourglass feature that will intimidate the hell out of anyone.

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Fetish clothing has close ties (pardon the pun) with the Goth lifestyle (and to a certain degree, the punk and rockabilly, as well). They share the same preference for pleather (fake leather), dramatic cuts, chrome and metallic embellishments, corsetry, and other trimmings that define an alternative lifestyle.

Today’s entry mentions three of the best goth fetish models in the industry today. Feast your eyes, folks!

1. Scar 13

Scar 13 is a beautiful and sensual Goth girl who goes for body modification (notice the artful scars on her arms) and extreme makeup and costumes to depict her chosen lifestyle. Her site, Scar 13, shows her in various scenarios, costumes, and poses (and, okay, states of undress, too!) looking so artful and gorgeous, it sometimes hurt to watch her do her thing!

2. Apnea

Apneatic by CosmicDoom
Apneatic by CosmicDoom—JustAnotherGuyInBristol (Flickr.com)

Apnea used to be part of a roster of models for a famous Goth-inspired site, but she broke away to make her own career path. Good move on her part, as fans started looking out for her as an individual with a unique style. Many can chronicle how her tattoos came to be, and how she developed her one of a kind pixie-ish look. Apnea made the rounds of modeling for the Goth scene (she appeared several times in Gothic Beauty and other publications), but today, she has a cult following with her own site, Apneatic. This generation Attention deficit disorder spured on by the internet has made me feel like I can’t focus on anything anymore and Apnea captures that look perfectly.



3. Lady Amaranth

Lady Amaranth Flickr shows her working her Gothic charms to the hilt.

Hers is a style that closely adheres to the Goth lifestyle more than the fetish, so it comes off as more theatrical and picturesque than the rest of her Goth-fetish peers. Lady Amaranth has earned a cult following, with many labeling her as the “Queen of Goths”. She has done Vampire and Romantic Goth, and is expected to walk the walk and talk the talk of her lifestyle, and not just as a posturing clothes-horse for dark and dramatic clothing. Some of these outfits are very uncomfortable which of course is the point. There have been cases of side pain originating from the chest cavity that should not be brushed off or overlooked. Lady Amaranth may look pretty but no one wants to see her in the hospital.





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Leather and latex is quite a common material for all things Fetish. I don’t know but many times this sort of look seems pretty uncomfortable and always painful. Sure its fun and interesting to look at but if you’re going to find yourself wearing such outfits I would lean toward cotton.

Fetish fashion, Paloma w Henna By Heather

Fetish fashion, Paloma w Henna By Heather—Henna by Heather Mehndi in Bos… (Flickr.com)

check out this out fit by heather.

As they say there is no accounting for taste.

the above shows animal skin as fetish and design style.

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Coil House

What is a Gothic Fashion? Did you know that besides wearing black clothes, they also wear black make-ups like black lipstick, eyeliner and even the nails are all in black. Some dyes their hair to black as well.

“Goth fashion has a reciprocal relationship with the fashion world. In the later part of the first decade of the 21st century, designers such as Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh, Ann Demeulemeester, Rodarte, John Galliano, Olivier Theyskens, and Yohji Yamamoto brought elements of goth to runways. This was described as “Haute Goth” by Cintra Wilson in the New York Times. Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Christian Lacroix have also been associated with a gothic style. In Spring 2004, Riccardo Tisci, Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs and Stefano Pilati dressed their models as “glamorous ghouls dressed in form-fitting suits and coal-tinted cocktail dresses”. Swedish designer Helena Horstedt and jewelry artist Hanna Hedman also practice a goth aesthetic.”


Are you also wearing this type of trend? Sometimes they even put sticky gel on their hair to keep it straight up the whole day, which often times gives me the creeps.

I love wearing black shirts as well, but unlike those other people who are overdoing it and end up being laughed at. Specially if they are walking around the mall and there 10 or more of them, all in black shirt with those weird hair styles, I always get goosebumps when I see them.

Watch this video on Youtube: 

Whatever fashion you’re in to would be a reflection of your personality. Just don’t overdo it or people will start to disgust you. Some would say, “I don’t care what other people would think about me”. But at the back of your unconscious mind, yes you do care but you just don’t want to admit it. Last week I had a great conversation about the state of the internet and about the changing los angeles web design market.

Some say they are attracted to people who wear this type of style. Are you attracted to this as well? To those women who wears black lipstick, black nail polish, black eyeliner etc.?

If you ask me, I would rather go for the simple, normal girl without obsessing too much on black.

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